The suitcase packing process is known worldwide. But what many don't know is that this is a Brazilian idea! In August 1989, São Paulo lawyer Paulo Fabra was on a trip to Spain. Upon arrival at the hotel, Paulo discovers, to his amazement, that several personal items have been lost from his luggage.

When the airline was not responsible for the reimbursement of the objects, the lawyer created an idea that guaranteed the prevention of theft during the dispatch route: the sealing of luggage made of resistant plastic. But would this idea be too fanciful to come true?

For this, Paulo contacted Sérgio Cassetari, a childhood friend, because he knew that he had the fundamental knowledge to make that concept viable.

After presenting a small prototype to INFRAERO, the two friends gained the approval and support of the managers of that company, and, in less than a year, the first Protec Bag unit was opened at Salgado Filho airport, in Porto Alegre, in 1990.

With the help of marketing tools, the service became familiar throughout Brazil, and travelers have enshrined the concept of securing luggage ever since.

With more than thirty years of activities in Brazil, we are in the main airports and we are proud to see that the luggage sealing concept created by Protec Bag has extended. Today, Protec Bag is recognized as an essential service for the traveler and an established brand worldwide.

In 2022, Protec Bag completed 33 years of activities, with stores installed in the main Brazilian airports, operating with great success on a national scale. It has extended its activity to South America, and has already opened operations at several airports in Mexico and large projects for Central America and Europe.

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